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Winter Park Time-Sharing Lawyer Defending Your Parental Rights

Florida law requires that in a divorce involving children, each parent has the right to remain actively involved in the children's lives. This includes a starting point of equal time sharing (custody) and equal parental input for establishing life values (called "shared parental responsibility").

If you are in the midst of divorce or paternity action, you want to ensure these rights are upheld. I am attorney Paul V. Moyer, and I have more than 31 years of experience handling a variety of family law issues. Located in Orlando, my firm offers a full range of services for couples throughout central Florida. I work one on one with you throughout the entire process to obtain the solution that fits your new family structure.

Negotiating Fair Time Sharing

The Florida court system often requires the use of mediation before settling disputed time-sharing agreements (formerly known as custody agreements or primary residential responsibility). As an experienced attorney and family law mediator certified by the Florida Supreme Court, I use my negotiating skills to help clients obtain workable solutions to child time sharing. I seek to help you set realistic expectations and make informed decisions about your child sharing arrangement.

Confirmed cases of child abuse or domestic violence have an impact on and could prevent a 50/50 time-sharing arrangement. I take all allegations of child abuse or domestic violence seriously, and represent parties involved in these sorts of cases.

Determining Fair Child Support

Child support is mandatory for any couple with children who wish to file for divorce or involved in a child support or paternity action. In Florida, child support is typically a mathematically determined amount based upon the parties' time-sharing arrangement and the individual parents' incomes.

I work with you to ensure each spouse gives full financial disclosure, which is required by the Florida Family Rules of Procedure to determine the correct amount. I can also help you enforce your right to receive past due payments or modify an existing agreement for certain situations such as job loss or relocation.

  • Custody In November 2008, the legislature radically changed Florida's custody laws. Section 61.13 has done away with "custody", "primary residential responsibility" and even the terms of "contact" and "visitation". The law now requires that a Parenting Plan be filed with the Court setting out the time sharing (used be "custody" or "primary residential parent" and "visitation"). This plan can either be agreed to by the parties (the preferable way to go - obviously) or entered by the Court after a trial. I have successfully represented parents seeking to maximize the parent's time with their children. Please be aware that the time that "counts" with the Courts are the nights spent under the parent's roof. The number of overnights can have dramatic effects on the calculation of child support.
  • Child Support. Whether in a divorce, a paternity action or a child support action brought by the State of Florida, Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement, when there are minor children involved, child support is central critical issue. Child Support can not be waived by a parent (the money essentially belongs to the child). Section 61.30, Florida Statutes, known as the Child Support Guidelines, set out the formula for determining who pays whom and how much. I have represented parents both seeking or defending support.

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