Representing Unmarried Parents

Unlike previous generations, many people today become parents without first getting married. However, the obligations of raising a child are no different. Paternity is an area of family law that helps parents either establish or enforce their parental rights when they may not be married to the other parent of their children.

If you need assistance establishing paternity or enforcing your parental rights, contact me, lawyer Paul V. Moyer. I have over 31 years of experience handling all sorts of family-related issues in family law. From my office in Orlando, Florida, I represent unmarried couples and domestic partners, including same-sex couples, throughout the Orlando metro and surrounding communities.

Honest, Experienced Representation

My clients often face many of the same issues as couples going through divorce, but the law does not automatically provide the same protection for them as it would for a married couple dealing with child custody and support. I work directly with my clients to evaluate issues such as:

  • Time-sharing or visitation rights
  • Child support payments
  • Temporary custody of the child by an extended family member, which is similar to guardianship but is less formal and less expensive
  • Contempt or enforcement of previous court orders
  • Modifications in qualifying circumstances, such as job loss, marriage or relocation

I also provide counseling on the choice of DNA testing when paternity is not certain and other important factors involved in establishing parental rights. I work one on one with you to explore your options so you can make accurate decisions regarding the outcome you want to pursue.

I give honest, straightforward advice regarding your options and potential outcomes of your case, even if it's not exactly what you want to hear. To me, setting realistic expectations is the best way to achieve your best possible outcome.

Contact My Office Today

If you have questions about paternity, contact my firm today by calling 407-774-5230 or toll free at 888-592-1841 to schedule an appointment with an experienced Orlando paternity attorney. I accept all major credit cards and offer payment plans for select cases. Evening and weekend appointments are available on an as-needed basis.